Evaluation Placement Testing

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Electric lineworker is ranked as one of the world’s most hazardous professions. Having a handle on what a prospective employee’s skill set is before they become part of the team is crucial on several levels.  Let ISPC’S Evaluation Placement Testing (EPT) be part of your hiring process. Each of our EPTs has been developed to thoroughly assess the knowledge and skill base of your future lineworker. Each of the EPTs consists of a written portion designed to delve deep into the knowledge base of the prospective employee. When the written test is paired with the hands-on skill evaluation portion, a complete picture of each lineworker’s abilities is created. ISPC’s Evaluation Placement Test is a tool that employers can use to comply with OSHA’s new rules for evaluating employee competencies as well as an effective way to gauge qualification for advancement from apprentice to journeyman level. The EPT tool can also be used to evaluate the continuing education needs of your present journeyman workforce.

Available two ways:

  1. Online, with your company representative administering the skills portion of the test
  2. On-site, with an ISPC Consultant proctoring the test at your location, the versatility of the EPT can be a valuable tool to ensure the safety of your workforce.


  1. What EPTs are offered by ISPC?  There are currently 5 different Evaluation Placement Tests offered by ISPC.
    1. T&D Lineworker – 100 questions, 7 skills
    2. Substation – 50 questions, 4 skills
    3. Underground – 50 questions, 4 skills
    4. Transmission – 50 questions, 4 skills
    5. Lineman / Industrial Electrician – 50 questions, 4 skills
  2. Is the EPT a Test? No, it is an evaluation tool designed to identify a lineworkers knowledge, skills and and areas that need improvement.
  3. Can it be customized? Yes, each of the EPT’s can be further customized to suit your company’s specific needs
  4. How many people can I give the EPT to?  If the training yard / equipment specifications are met, on average 3 lineworkers per day can be evaluated.
  5. Does an ISPC Consultant have to administer the EPT?  No, however having an unbiased evaluation benefits both the company and the employee.
  6. Can an employee take it more than once?  The EPT can be used for new hires, level progression, and journeyman certification.

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