OSHA Update Notice

OSHA Changes Regulations for Electric Utility Industry!

Utilities & Powerline Contractors must update their
Safety policies and practices quickly, to comply.
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About ISPC

2015 Lineworker Training Classes

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available to schedule on-site, at your location, for 2015.  Contact us at:


mack@ispconline.com, for scheduling information.


Our mission is to advocate for safety and health in the powerline construction and maintenance industry by:

  • Researching and developing, safety, training and health standards
  • Educating, training and assessing skills
  • Defining best practices Auditing programs and advising management
  • Advising regulatory agencies
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The ISPC Library of Virtual Safety Meetings

Safety Meeting Topics - Downloadable Now!

ISPC offers a wide range of Safety Meeting Topics available as pre-packaged PowerPoint or video presentations to use at your next safety meeting.  These are available for purchase on our website and include a DVD containing the presentation, as well as immediate digital access.


View the Safety Meeting Topics available.

ISPC Welcomes Tony Boyd

ISPC is pleased to announce that Tony Boyd, COSS, has joined the organization as of March 23, 2015. Tony will be a Senior Consultant reporting to Mack Turner, CUSP, Director of Operations and will work out of the ISPC home office in Alexandria, LA.

AIEC Attendees learn about Impairment

AIEC Linemen try walking with "impairment goggles" on

Mack Turner, ISPC’s Director of Operations facilitates “Impairment and our Daily Lives” course at the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives conference.
The linemen who were in this class participated well and we all had a few laughs as we interacted using some real life examples and props. One of the sections of the class invited Association linemen to don "Imparement Goggles" which are designed to simulate alcohol impairment. The participants were then given the same tests police officers use during a roadside sobriety DUI check.

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