Basic Training for Digger & Truck Mounted Crane Operators

Basic Training for Digger & Truck Mounted Crane Operators

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Digger Derrick Operators need a wide range of skills and equipment knowledge to competently and safely dig holes, set poles and lift loads, especially around energized lines and equipment. ISPC’s Operator’s Training Manual is a newly developed, comprehensive tool that will become a reference guide for Digger Derrick Operators throughout their careers.

Comprehensive guide for OSHA's requirements concerning operator training under 29CFR 1910.269 regulations for T&D operations and maintenance.


  • a DVD/video
  • a Training Manual

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction
- A tribute to Mel Hall
- Performance Objectives

Section 2: Pre-Course Test

Section 3: Safety Issues
- Operator’s Equipment Manual
- Federal OSHA Regulations
- Common Safety Practices

Section 4: Inspections
- Daily Inspection
- Monthly Inspection

Section 5: Hydraulics Fundamentals
- Pascal’s Law
- Mechanical Components to Hydraulics
- Piping and Hoses
- Power Tool Circuits
- Lubrication & Hydraulic Oils

Section 6: Operator Orientation
- Control Functions
- Setting the Outriggers
- Boom Overstow
- Multiple Part Line Attachment
- Lowering the Digger and Auger

Section 7: Digging Pole Holes
- Routine Digging Operations
- Digging in Rocky Conditions
- Setting Screw Anchors
- Electrocution Hazards
- Minimum Approach Distance Tables
- Pole Claws
- Pulling Poles

Section 8: Specifications
- Load Limits
- Placards & Charts
- McFarland Cascade Weight Chart
- Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOP)

Section 9: Rigging Considerations
- Inspection
- Sling Angle Load
- Safe Working Loads

Section 10: Mini-Derricks
- Overview & Operational Guidelines
Section 11: Best Practices
- Best Practices in Operator Qualifications
- Best Practices in Safe Operations
- Handling the Load
- Signals
- Material Handling

Section 12: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
- Who must have a CDL

Section 13: Post - Course Test

Section 14: Field Performance Requirements (FPR)