Episode 8 of Tailboard Talks podcast this Friday

Another episode of ISPC's podcast Tailboard Talks will be released Friday, June 28th. 

Host Mark Forster is back for a new episode called Partnering for “LIFE. In this episode, he highlights some lifelong partnerships that are being developed through a grassroots approach to safety and training in the electric utility industry to help save lives every day.

In the ISPC Tailboard Talks segment, Mark sits down with special guest Brent Jeffries, VP of Field Operations and Safety Training at Bierer Meters. They discuss tool safety and the efforts that Brent and Bierer Meters have taken to help ensure that people in the industry understand the reality of what meters do and the potential dangers they can pose to workers.  

Mark continues his conversation with Brent Jeffries, discussing Brent’s journey in the utility industry and the creation of the  constantly growing Electric Culture of Safety (ECOS). Then Mark lets the cat out of the bag about a partnership being formed by ISPC and Bierer Meters to create a state of the art training facility on the Bierer campus in Blythewood, South Carolina. Through partnerships and a grassroots approach, the training facility will be used to train the next generation of lineworkers.

ISPC is grateful for the sponsors of this episode: Bierer Meters and the Electric Culture of Safety.

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